Meet Dr Hal

Hi - I'm Dr Hal (Sosabowski) I'm a Principal Lecturer in Chemistry at the University of Brighton where I've been for 13 years. I was at the University of Natal, Durban before that.

I love making education fun - I don't mean that in the normal way; sometimes things that we learn at school are dull and there isn't much that can be done about it. I remember doing second order differential equations and finding them hard and uninspiring - but most things can be livened up if we know how. My own subject is chemistry and I spend a lot of my time doing live chemistry events - you can see pictures from my Bigger Bang! Show here - This March we are going on a tour of Belgium with the show, thus proving that the language of science is truly international!

My Dr Hal's Trumps Range is designed to make learning science fun. I have had a lot of fun designing these games - the first one was Dr Hal's Chemistry Trumps - I loved doing all the research for these; most of the facts I found or verified by checking with my friend Theodore Gray's site Its quite simply the most comprehensive and interesting periodic table on the web. I also got lots of the facts from John Emsley's book 'The Elements - Nature's Building Blocks' - it's an excellent, comprehensive book about all of the elements. I also really enjoyed researching Dr Hal's Recycling Trumps also with Dr Ryan Woodard who is a Research Fellow at the Waste and Energy Research Groups at a well known UK University. I learned so much about reusing and recycling.